Live Auction Items

Live Auction Conducted By Auctioneer Extraordinaire Patrick Hume.
Look through the auction items and team up with your friends to be the winner bidder of the item (or two or three) that you must have! (Absentee bids welcome)

1. The Golden Era of American Journalism
We’re billing this as a lunch (which it is), but it’s really more of
an experience. Spend an afternoon visiting the rich history of
journalism that emerged from Sacramento’s Poverty Hill community
at the historically captivating neighborhood restaurant, Mulvaney’s
B&L. You and five friends will join Sacramento historian and author
Steven M. Avella who will talk about his last publication, Charles
K. McClatchy and the Golden Era of American Journalism while
enjoying the renowned tastes of literacy supporter Patrick Mulvaney.
Includes three books. Market Value: $500.

2. Our Favorite Wines Accompanied By Our Favorite Heroes

Heroes help us reach further, try harder, be more than we imagined
of ourselves. Foundation board members have chosen some of
their favorite hero’s journeys and their favorite quality wines to bring
character and depth to your library. Find that cozy chair and warm
fireside and plan a date with one of this year’s heroes while sipping
from your new personal wine collection! Market Value: $900.

3. Your Place in Mystery
Some people achieve immortality through their work. Other people
accomplish it through their children. But wouldn’t it be easier (and
more fun) to have New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart
immortalize you by naming a character in his next book after you?
John Lescroart has 10 million copies of his books disbursed in 75
countries and translated into 22 languages. You could live forever
in a whole lot of places! We can see it now – Dismas Hardy, Abe
Glitsky, Wyatt Hunt, (your name here). Market Value: Priceless –
but we’ll start the bidding at $1,500.

4. Political Reflections
Take an evening to gaze upon the American River on Friday,
September 8, 2017 with seven of your friends and contemplate
America’s liberal and conservative political roots. This husband and
wife author team: Eric Rauchway, author of Money Makers and
Kathryn Olmsted, author of Right out of California, are just in time
to bring to light the two dichotomies dominating our elections. The
delicacies begin with evening cocktails on the deck overlooking
the American River in the home of Barbara Davis-Lyman and Jack
Jennings. The evening’s menu will feature California Cuisine paired
with selected premium wines from Jeff Runquist and Bella Grace.
This is sure to be a lively discussion on a beautiful evening! Market
Value: $1,000.

5. Ahh… Downtime at Dillon Beach
How about some downtime at Dillon beach with up to nine friends
and family! Perched on the hill above the ocean, this vacation
home (with 3 bedrooms, a loft, and 2 bathrooms) reigns over
majestic views of the Pacific Ocean. The path to the beach is just
a level, 4-minute walk. This 3-night getaway offers plenty of hiking
and beach activities, as well as opportunities for kayaking, surfing
and fishing. But for those who want to curl up with a nice book
overlooking the ocean views of Dillon Beach, we are including 3
books of your choice from this year’s author cohort. Housekeeping
and transient occupancy taxes included. Market Value: $1,500.

6. Rad American Women
Back by popular demand, Library Foundation board member
Katy Boase and her husband Ian are staging a delightful brunch
in their Granite Bay home with New York Times bestselling writer
Kate Schatz, author of Rad American Women A-Z. You will hear
how Schatz’ has seen demand for her expertise in women’s history
increase as this new political era finds its way onto the national
stage. Your morning will include a walk under the tall oaks trees,
Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and other beverages of your fancy,
as well as a brunch filled with the classic tastes of traditional
American cuisine. Buy 2 tickets or the whole brunch and have a
family celebration without the work. Each guest pair will receive a
complimentary autographed copy of Rad American Women A-Z.
This brunch will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2017. 20 Seats
available. $100 per person.

7. Looking for Heroes in Washington, D.C.?
It could take a while to find them. That’s why you and yours
will have up to eight days and seven nights to search the halls
of Washington, D.C. from a centrally located Dupont Circle
condominium. In between the wonderful restaurants and amazing
shopping, get your Library of Congress research Library card or visit
the new African American Museum of Art. In your downtime enjoy
your new Nook and the political writings by several of tonight’s
authors, which we took the liberty of downloading for you. To
sweeten the deal, this includes a dinner for two at neighborhood
restaurant, LaTomate! This condominium sleeps 4 people. Market
Value: $1,700.

8. Poor Red’s BAR-B-Q
You might want to wait until dessert to hear the details of what Ma
Barker: America’s Most Wanted Mother did to achieve such a
distinction. You and nine of your friends will be met by the colorful
Chris Enss who will tell you all about this nasty woman from the
Wild West. But just in case you can’t take it, El Dorado’s oldest and
well-known restaurant Poor Red’s BAR-B-Q is serving you dinner and
pouring complimentary ‘Gold Cadillacs’ – a world renowned after dinner
drink that put Poor Red’s on the map. Ms. Enss has stories to
tell and what better place to hear them? Includes 5 copies of Ma
Barker. Market Value: $1,200.

9. On the Adriatic Sea
Bring your family and friends to this Amazing Beach Villa directly on
Italy’s Adriatic Sea, literally steps away from the crystal blue waters
of one of Puglia’s finest white sand beaches with sweeping views of
the Adriatic coast. For 6 nights and 7 days you will enjoy this two-level,
modern villa recently remodeled for those who want to lounge
in luxury. In your downtime enjoy your new Nook and the writings of
several of tonight’s authors which we took the liberty of downloading
for you. This Italian villa has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths and is made
for a family rendezvous of up to 10. Market Value: $3,000.

More than 220,000 children in Sacramento are NOT at grade-level
reading. Too many kids in our region don’t read as well as
they could, they don’t read as often as they could, and they certainly
don’t read for fun. Kids who read in the summer read better. Kids
who read better are more likely to read for fun. Kids who read
for fun do better in school and have better outcomes as teens and
adults. The Sacramento Public Library’s Summer Reading Program
is designed to help young people of any age back on the road to
reading regularly, and we make it fun! This summer, the Library will
provide more than 500 library-based programs for our community.
Once we’ve engaged kids and their families, we’re going to sign
up more than 33,000 participants (36,000 would be even better!).
We’ll spend the summer finding the right books that make reading
fun! We hope to give away more than 16,500 books to young
people who complete the program. We’re going to get – and keep
– Sacramento’s kids reading! Goal $60,000.

11. Art History Happening Here
In the midst of Sacramento’s Mural Festival: Wide Open Walls,
Rafael Delgado, artist and all around upstanding community
contributor, is donating his Art Studio on Thursday, August 17, 2017
for a summer’s evening with authors Dorothy Rice, The Reluctant
Artist and Elizabeth Rynecki, Chasing Portraits. Puruse Rafael’s
artwork, engage with these authors who have brought their father’s
and great-grandfathers’ artistic accomplishments to the twenty-first
century, take a 3 block walking tour of murals in the making right
in the neighborhood, and enjoy a delightful buffet of delicacies
provided by Magpie Café paired with complimentary Sobon Estate
Shenandoah Vineyards wines. $100 per person.

12. The Lucky Readers Book Club
Our very own Kathy Les and Vicki Lorini are hosting you and your
book club of up to 12 people for this afternoon conversation with
one of this year’s most talked about authors, Shanthi Sekaran.
Sekaran wrote Lucky Boy, a story about immigration, and now finds
herself on an unanticipated national stage sharing her expertise.
While also a story of one very lucky boy, young Ignacio finds
himself torn between Soli, his undocumented and disadvantaged
Mexican birth mother, and Kavya, an Indian woman living in
beautiful Berkeley, who wants only one thing, a child. Sekaran will
share her writing backstory while you enjoy the tastes of Mexican
and East Indian cuisine with some good wine. Includes 6 copies of
Lucky Boy. Sunday, May 21, 2017. Market Value: $1,000.

13. Dawson’s and the Ninja Daughter
In a comfortable, captivating setting, you and seven friends will join
author Susan Spann while wining and dining at one of Sacramento’s
finest restaurants, Dawson’s Steakhouse in the Hyatt Regency. This
will be a unique evening with mystery author Susan Spann as she
talks about her most recent novel, The Ninja’s Daughter: A Hiro
Hattori Novel and the research she has done to keep this series
vibrant with Japanese history. A compelling mystery powered by
political intrigue and cultural conflicts paired with a menu filled with
classic American tastes will be a night to savor! Includes 4 copies of
The Ninja’s Daughter. Market Value: $1,200.

14. A Library of Heroes
This is our signature auction item! Every single author here tonight
has autographed a copy of their book and added it to the 2017
Authors on the Move Collection. With our featured theme authors
of The Heroes Journey, you can immerse yourself in the fact and the
fiction of great and ordinary heroes. Add some grandeur to your
book collection with this library of books. From nonfiction to literary
fiction, poetry to mystery, you’ll have a book for every mood! Don’t
miss out on this Authors on the Move auction item! Market Value:

15. A Taste of Provence
On the mid-summer night of Thursday, August 10, 2017, enjoy
the tastes of Provence right here in Sacramento with Georgeanne
Brennan, author of My Culinary Journey: Food and Fetes of
Provence, and Roxanne O’Brien, Chef Instructor extraordinaire at
The Culinary Arts Program at American River College. These two
ladies, formidable in their culinary expertise, will host a lively and
informative cooking demonstration at American River College’s new
demonstration kitchen and student restaurant The Oak Café. Each
pair of guests will receive My Culinary Journey: Food and Fetes of
Provence, in addition to enjoying recipes prepared by Chef O’Brien
and her students and award winning Sobon Estate 2013 Barbera.
36 Seats available. Market Value: $100.

Call 916-836-3540 to arrange absentee bids