Live Auction Items

Live Auction Conducted By Auctioneer Extraordinaire Patrick Hume.
Look through the auction items and team up with your friends to be the winner bidder of the item (or two or three) that you must have! (Absentee bids welcome)

1. Farm-to-Fork-to-Family
Sacramento is leading the Farm-to-Fork movement and this event hosted by Bobbin and Patrick Mulvaney, combining their support for literacy and food into one night, will delight literacy foodies and food activists alike. No less than five farm-to-fork authors will attend the event and be available to discuss their works. Guests will be treated to a buffet of food prepared by Chef (and community citizen extraordinaire) Patrick Mulvaney and a buffet of authors including catch-to-cook Hank Shaw, farm-to-plate Joanna Neff and Laura Kenny, farm memoir authors Brenda Nakamoto and Anthony Barcellos and Cap Radio’s contributing Food & Lifestyle Reporter, Elaine Corn. This event will benefit California Ag in the Classroom and the Library Foundation. Everyone is invited. $75 per person.

2. Golf on Del Paso Country Club’s Championship Course
The 2015 U.S. Senior Open is coming to Del Paso Country Club June 22 – 28. Enjoy the course in perfect condition mere weeks before the pros arrive. Play golf with two of your friends and a Del Paso Country Club member on the course the pros will play. Following play, lunch in the grill. Must play prior to May 15, 2015. Market Value: $450.

3. Book Club at Your Doorstep
For your next book club, don’t just sit around talking about the novel – Talk about it with the author in your home! Maureen O’Leary Wanket, author of How to Be Manly, will join your next book club of up to 12. You’ll discuss her first published book, appealing to a teen audience, and catch up on what teens might really want. You and culinary master and instructor Roxanne O’Brien will design the event’s menu that Chef O’Brien will provide. Don’t miss this opportunity to be the envy of book groups everywhere! This package includes six copies of How to Be Manly. Market Value: $800.

4. The Big Easy
It’s Mardi Gras in the summer with Pam Saltenberger and Library Foundation board member Nancy Lawrence offering fun, food and music in the Sacramento Summer Swelter. Feast on shrimp étouffée, seafood jambalaya, beignets, praline ice cream, and something green. Drink Hurricanes, don masks, throw beads, wear crowns and listen to jazz and zydeco. Come for our dates (July 10 and 11) or buy your own evening and choose a night in August. We have three authors, Peter Hecht (Weed Land), Barbara Rhine (Tell No Lies) and Julia Levine (Small Disasters Seen In Sunlight), one for each of three evenings of “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” $125 per person.

5. Your Place in History
Some people achieve immortality through their work. Other people accomplish it through their children. But wouldn’t it be easier (and cooler, frankly) to have mystery author R. Franklin James immortalize you by naming a character in the fourth book in her mystery series after you? You would live forever as a work of fiction. I can see it now – Auguste Dupin, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, (your name here). Market Value: Pricelessbut we’ll start the bidding at $750.

6. Tahoe(‘s) Mysteries
Anyone can spend a few days in Tahoe. But only a library lover will experience the Lake through the eyes of best-selling mystery writer and Tahoe local Todd Borg. You and four friends will enjoy seven days and six nights in a South Lake Tahoe cabin donated by Doris Thorsen and, in between the skiing, the dining and the gambling, Mr. Borg will come and entertain you and your guests with tales of his writing process, his inspiration, and what motivates the central character in his books. Includes three copies of Tahoe Mysteries: Tahoe Ghost Boat. Market Value:  $1,000.

7. Dinner with Donna at Dawsons
Donna Apidone that is! We’re billing this as a dinner (which it is), but it’s really more of a once-in-a-lifetime experience – an evening spent carousing with a local radio celebrity in a comfortable, captivating setting. You and seven friends will join author Donna Apidone while wining and dining at one of Sacramento’s finest restaurants, Dawson’s in the Hyatt Regency. The cuisine at Dawson’s is prepared using the freshest local ingredients, with intriguing original creations and unexpected twists on American classics. Between Donna Apidone’s stories and Chef Jason Poole’s menu this will be a night to remember. Includes four copies of TransForMissionMarket Value: $1,200.

8. Teen Night at the Library
Do you ever wonder what happens in the library after hours? This is your favorite teen’s chance to find out. Your teen – and 11 of their friends – are invited to take over the Belle Cooledge Library on the Saturday night of their choice to enjoy fun and games with Sacramento Public Library’s stellar teen services staff. Author Talia Vance will join the party and tell the teens everything they want to know about being a Young Adult author. The night will include lots of pizza, soda and maybe even a ‘thank you’ from your teen – or maybe not. Every party goer will receive a signed copy of Talia Vance’s book, Spies & Prejudice. Market Value: $500.

9. Once Upon a Time
“It is most likely that I will die next to a pile of books I was meaning to read” – Lemony Snicket. So make that a pile of books you can read to your child, your grandchild or your inner child with our signature auction package, the collection of autographed books by each of tonight’s participating authors. From toddler to teen, mystery to poetry, memoirs to fiction, you’ll have a book for every mood. Don’t miss out on this unique Authors on the Move auction item! Market Value: $1,000.

10. Midtown Sacramento: Creative Soul of the City
Grab eight friends and some good walking shoes when you meet up with author William Burg for a privately guided “Midtown Streetcar Walking Tour” that begins at the Memorial Auditorium and ends with a special meal at Paragary’s on 28th & N. And ‘YES’ that’s the new, still-in-the building phase, Paragary’s known for their combination of freshly sourced food inside authentic spaces. Paragary’s is going to prepare a special menu, David Sobon will be providing the wine, and William Burg will tell you stories at Sacramento’s old streetcar stops pointing out the rich history of Sacramento’s creative soul — Midtown. Market Value: $800.

 11. My Mother’s Kitchen
There’s nothing like mother’s cooking — especially in India where home cooking is a veritable art. You and seven friends will be transported to southern India through food and story for an evening of cooking demonstration and tasting as Meera Klein, author of My Mother’s Kitchen: A Novel With Recipes, shares stories about growing up in India and imparts cooking tips on her mother’s recipes from the book. You will start with ‘Seeing Ceremony Lentil Cakes’ and Chickpea Snacks, followed by Aviyal Stew, Vegetable Sambar and Mother’s Lemon Rice, all seasoned with the traditional red and green chilies complimented by coconut and an array of pungent spices. This dining indulgence will take place in the beautiful garden home of Kathy Les, who will prepare many of the dishes. Includes four copies of My Mother’s Kitchen. Dinner will be held April 17 or 19, 2015. Market Value: $800.

12. Vacation on Monterey’s Ocean Garden
Monterey Bay’s Pajaro Dunes is a great place to go in the spring, summer, fall or winter, especially if you’re staying at a beachfront condo on the Pajaro Dunes with up to three companions. Indulge in four days and three nights of moody seascapes, amazing chowder and the soothing sounds of the waves. While you’re there, spend an afternoon on the beach with photographer and author Josie Iselin who has captured the visual beauty of our ocean’s seashells, beach glass, and seaweed. Your afternoon with Josie will include a gourmet outdoor lunch provided by Library Foundation Executive Director April Butcher. Includes two copies of Ocean Garden: The Secret Life of Seaweed. Market Value: $1,450.

13. Your Heart’s Desire Winemaker’s Dinner
Having dinner with a winemaker and a love expert at the same time is something special. You don’t just enjoy the meal, you learn things – what makes a good pairing, how long do you wait to harvest your desire, and when do you pop the question? Gather seven friends and join winemaker and sommelier Carrie Bendick of Holly’s Hill Vineyards for dinner in the wonderful El Dorado Hills home of Library Foundation board member Wendy Wood and her husband, Dean Wolff. Joey Garcia, columnist of SN&R’s Ask Joey and author of When Your Heart Breaks, It’s Opening to Love, will complete the party, regaling you with tales of love, heartache, and hope. How’s that for the perfect pairing? Includes three copies of When Your Heart Breaks, It’s Opening To Love. Market Value: $800.

Too many kids in our region don’t read as well as they should, they don’t read as often as they should, and they certainly don’t read for fun. Kids who read more read better. Kids who read better are more likely to read for fun. Kids who read for fun do better in school and have better outcomes as teens and adults. The Sacramento Public Library’s Summer Reading Program is designed to help young people of any age back on the road to reading regularly, and we make it fun. This summer, the Library will provide more than 500 library-based programs for our community. Once we’ve engaged kids and their families, we’re going to sign up more than 30,000 participants (33,000 would be even better!). We’ll spend the summer finding the right books that make reading fun. We hope to give away more than 10,000 books to young people who complete the program. We’re going to get – and keep – Sacramento’s kids reading. Goal $60,000.

15. European Delights
Patricia Bracewell, author of The Price of Blood, will join you and your seven guests for a gourmet Italian dinner in the home of Library Foundation board member Vince Jacobs and his wife Cecilia Delury. The delicacies begin with evening cocktails on a quiet deck overlooking the American River. You will be treated to gourmet pastas, breads, salad and wine while Ms. Bracewell recounts 11th century Normandy through the tale of Emma of Normandy. The evening will be finished with dessert wines and sweet offerings. Includes four copies of The Price of Blood. Market Value: $800.

16. This Day in June
On a long summer night, you and a friend, or more, will join award winning author Gayle Pitman in the prestigious home of long-time community leader, Dennis Mangers, and Michael Sestak. Dennis and Michael are setting the stage with a menu that features paella, salad, crusty buttery bread, plenty of wine and something fun for dessert! The star of the night will be the American Library Association’s 2015 Stonewall awardee, Gayle Pitman. With so many creative minds, the evening will be packed with conversations big and small. The dinner will be held on June 21, 2015. Only 12 places at this table! $100 per person.

17. Toddler Party at Fairytale Town
Treat your toddler to an outdoor party at Fairytale Town with author Linda Joy Singleton. You can invite up to 30 participants to join in the celebration and animated storytime of Snow Dog, Sand Dog, a whimsical picture book about a young girl who uses her crafty nature and imagination to create four-legged friends each season. Party goers will be treated to juice, pizza and ice cream and have the run of the town at Fairytale Town. Market Value: $500.

18. Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
Something better! Relish a springtime brunch at the home and garden of Ian and Library Foundation board member Katy Boase joined by author and mystery writer Susan Spann. Traditional American brunch cuisine will be accompanied by a Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar. Stroll through the garden of live oaks, Japanese maples and azaleas while talking with Ms. Spann, an award-winning author of the Shinobi mystery series. Bring your friends or meet new ones while enjoying the company of your fellow library supporters. This will be a splendid Saturday morning, held on May 16th. Limit 20 guests $75 per person.

19. Our Favorite Wines Accompanied By Our Favorite Books Growing Up!
What books helped to shape your character? Foundation Board members have chosen the books that influenced them and then sweetened the offering with wines of character and depth. Enjoy a case of wines and the annotated books in a box. We know that books change lives; perhaps some of these will surprise you. If not, the wines are going to be really good! Market Value: $700.

Please note: Items from 2015 can be retrieved until March 12, 2016 unless otherwise noted.
Restaurant packages do not include tax, tip or alcohol unless otherwise noted.

Call 916-264-2990 to arrange absentee bids