Live Auction Items

Live Auction Conducted By Auctioneer Extraordinaire Patrick Hume.
Look through the auction items and team up with your friends to be the winner bidder of the item (or two or three) that you must have! (Absentee bids welcome)

1. Dining on Del Paso
First, you and five of your friends will join Maryellen and Keith Burns to take a stroll down Del Paso Boulevard, once a flourishing art deconeighborhood and a vital part of the historic Lincoln Highway. Learn more about Enotria, The Supper Club, Lil’ Joe’s, Uptown Café, Green Boheme,Tony Baloney’s, Frenchies, Chando’s Tacos, Iris Tea Garden, Sammy’s and the Del Monte Meat Company. Discover what made Andy’s, Stan’s,Geneva’s, and Ben’s Big Burgers drive-ins so popular. End up at Del Paso Boulevard’s vibrant Mama Kim Cooks to continue a conversation about the area’s vibrant eating and drinking scene, past and present. Package includes a small edition cookbook created and dedicated to you – Dining on Del Paso – with iconic Del Paso Boulevard images by artist Bob Millerand three copies of Lost Restaurants of Sacramento and Their Recipes.
Market Value: $500

2. Along the River Bend
We live in a region blessed with some of the most incredible rivers and valleys the world has to offer. Join Bob and Diane Madgic for a hike along the splendorous Sacramento River just north of Red Bluff. This moderate hike on flat to rolling hills will take you to a stunning viewpoint of the meandering river flowing through terrain untouched by human hands. Here there is usually a wildflower feast, most profuse from February through May. Walk a little further and you will see the river as portrayed on the cover of Bob Madgic’s book, The Sacramento: A Transcendent River. This outing – a true outdoor experience – includes a tasty picnic lunch and hot tea at the overlook and four copies of Madgic’s book.
Market Value: $400

3. Suspense in Sacramento
Partake of a once-in-a-lifetime evening carousing with a master of suspense storytelling while relaxing in a captivating setting. You and seven friends will join best-selling author John Lescroart as you wine and dine at one of Sacramento’s finest restaurants: Dawson’s in the Hyatt Regency. The cuisine at Dawson’s is prepared using the freshest local ingredients, all with intriguing original creations and unexpected twists on American classics. Between John Lescroart’s stories and Chef Jason Poole’s menu this will be a night to remember! Includes four copies of The Ophelia Cut.
Market Value: $1,200

4. “Please Sir, I Want Some More”
Bring a friend or two with you for an evening of good food and conversation with Sasha Abramsky, author of The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives. Abramsky, a scholar of politics, philosophy, and economics, has been a guest writer for The Nation, The New Yorker, and Rolling Stone and will delight guests with his quick wit and depth of knowledge. Dinner will be served in a private Land Park home and will include gourmet soups, organic salads, fresh breads and tasty local wines. There are eight slots available on November 1, 2014 and if there are more people than seats we can add November 2, 2014.
$100 per person

5. Fuel for Thought: Bring Your Brain to Dinner
Yes, there really is such a thing as brain food–and drink! Invite seven of your friends to this delightful dinner with Judith Horstman, author of The Scientific American Healthy Aging Brain. She will offer the latest tips for optimizing brain health while you dine on some of the very best (and best tasting!) foods for your thinker. Prepared by Martha Lopez in her home, the menu is packed with a choice of smart foods including salmon, blueberries, dark chocolate and more, all accompanied by wine. Includes four copies of The Scientific American Healthy Aging Brain.
Market Value: $1,000

6. A Land of Politics
Curious about Governor Brown and California State politics? Join author Chuck McFadden as he talks about researching and interviewing Jerry Brown and Ronald Reagan while a political reporter for The Associated Press. More recently he authored Trailblazer: A Biography of Jerry Brown, the first biography of Jerry Brown to be published in more than 30 years. McFadden’s lifelong interest in covering politics could not be told in a more appropriate setting than Sacramento’s famed Sutter Club, located directly across from the Capitol Building. Includes six guests and three copies of Trailblazer: A Biography of Jerry Brown.
Market Value: $600

7. Lucky Lawrence Asian Cuisine
Chinese cuisine enjoys a supreme standing in the world of food and its delicacies are renowned globally for their delicious flavors, appetizing aroma and exquisite presentations. Be a lucky bidder of this delicious, but not too spicy, Chinese dinner accompanied by a unique soy sauce tasting that will flavor your entire meal. Pam Saltenberger, formally trained in Shanghai style Chinese cooking, will share her love of cooking at the home of Foundation board member Nancy Lawrence and will be accompanied by Kirstin Chen, author of Soy Sauce for Beginners. Kirstin, while writing her novel, learned the art and tradition behind naturally brewed, artisan soy sauce, and will share her findings through a tasting that includes some of the best artisan soy sauces available. Lanterns will light the scene and the food will be seasonal and sensational. Come in groups, come in singles, and come prepared to be happy! Dinner dates are Friday and Saturday, July 11 and 12,
$150 per person or $2400 for an exclusive night for 16

8. A Gardener’s Feast
Imagine being transported to Israel, both through food and story and sharing the experience with up to seven friends! You’ll sit in the extraordinary garden of Kathy Les as Karen Levy, author of My Father’s Gardens takes you to Israel and back with tales of growing up divided between Israeli and American parents and how she propagated her father’s garden in Israel to her home in Davis. Expect to taste Middle Eastern-themed menu items from fresh seasonal produce (some even from Kathy’s garden), including an appetizer of fava beans, a complex fattoush salad, a spicy eggplant dish, savory fish, and a dessert of whipped meringue and homemade ice cream. Includes four copies of My Father’s Gardens. Dinner will be held April 25 or 26, 2014 at 5 p.m.
Market Value: $1,000

9. Revolutionary’s Book Club
For your next book club, don’t just sit around talking about the novel – talk about it with the author! Michael Spurgeon, author of Let the Water Hold Me Down, will join your next book club gathering to discuss his novel about a man’s life-changing journey that accidentally started in the middle of the Zapatista uprising in Southern Mexico. This package includes gourmet Mexican hors d’oeuvres provided by culinary master and instructor Roxanne O’Brien. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience history and be the envy of book groups everywhere! Book Club is for 12 guests and includes four copies of Let the Water Hold Me Down.
Market Value: $600

10. Relax, Read and Rejuvenate Along the California Coast
While a good book goes with pretty much anything, one of the best accompaniments is an excellent bottle of wine and a fabulous view to glance up to from time to time. So here you go – some of our favorite wines, and nonfiction books paired with two of our favorite California Coast vacation spots. Enjoy two separate three-night stays at the Sea Ranch on the Sonoma Coast and the Pajaro Dunes on the Central Coast with this selection of nonfiction books and top quality wines donated by Foundation board members past and present. The soothing sounds of the Pacific paired with histories, biographies and memoirs will rejuvenate your soul. Both vacation spots sleep up to six.
Market Value: $1850

11. Sailing in San Francisco Style
With three of your friends and author of The Forage House, Tess Taylor, you will board the sailing yacht Sonata in Sausalito for a glorious day on the San Francisco Bay. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a world-class experience tailored to your desires! Keep your journey on the water relaxed, or sail out under the Golden Gate Bridge for a more vigorous trip. Get involved in trimming sails and steering the boat or sit back and enjoy Tess Taylor’s poems and stories and what it’s like to review poetry for NPR’s All Things Considered. Your gracious hosts will provide wine, cheese and lunch and will cater to your every whim. After your spectacular afternoon of sailing, enjoy Sausalito before heading back to San Francisco and your stay at The Donatello, one of San Francisco’s most elegant hotels. This package includes two rooms.
Market Value: $2,000.
The sailing trip will be scheduled for a mutually agreeable date this spring or summer (rescheduled if the weather that day turns foul), and will last from 4 – 6 hours. Guests need to be able to climb up and down short ladders, and balance on tilting decks. Nights at Donatello must be redeemed by 12/31/2014.

Too many kids in our region don’t read as well as they should, don’t read
as often as they should, and certainly don’t read for fun. Kids who read
more, read better. Kids who read better are more likely to read for fun.
Kids who read for fun do better in school and have better outcomes as
teens and adults. The Summer Reading Program is designed to help young
people of any age stay or get back on the road to reading regularly,
and we help make it fun. This summer, the Sacramento Public Library will
provide more than 500 library-based programs for our community. We’ll
spend the summer finding the right books that grab readers. We hope to
give away more than 14,000 books to young people who complete the
program. We’re going to get – and keep – Sacramento’s kids reading!
Goal $50,000

13. Nurse Otto, Detective Naygrow, Dr. Crawford – who will you be?
If you ever thought your life was getting a little routine, now’s your opportunity to add a little mystery! You could be a sinister nurse,… Or a beautiful temptress… Or a particularly clever detective….All things are possible when you purchase the opportunity to name a character in an upcoming Allison Brennan mystery novel. Ready your paddles, folks, because this is the ultimate in bragging rights. Don’t let one of your table mates beat you out and then lord it over you for eternity!
Market Value: Priceless – But we’ll start the bidding at $750

14. Books to Other Lands
“The only way to do all the things you’d like to do is to read,” said Tom Clancy. So if you want to travel to other lands this collection of books is for you. Bring some adventure to your book collection with this library of books donated (and autographed) by each of our participating authors. From poetry to thrillers, memoirs to literary fiction, you’ll have a book for every mood! Don’t miss out on this “signature” Authors on the Move auction item.
Market Value: $1,000

15. Gourmet Wine Dinner at the Mansion
You and 11 of your fellow foodies are invited to dine in luxury at the historic 1913 Colonial Revival mansion at 1724 N Street. There gourmet cook Paulette Bruce, assisted by Board member Kristan Otto, wine sommelier David Sobon alongside award winning author of Do Me, Do My Roots, Eileen Rendahl will create an evening of luxurious fun. During the evening you will be served five creative courses, your wine will be paired with the menu’s flavors, and you will be delighted by an author who often uses Sacramento as the backdrop for her urban adventures. Best of all, the evening will be filled with fun. Dinner will be on Saturday, July 19 at 6 p.m.
Market Value: $1200

16. Brunch by The Lake
Bring five of your friends to brunch in the Natomas lakeside home of Foundation board member Marilyn Park for a morning with Marci Nault, author of The Lake House, and Chef Anne-Marie Navarette of Purple Carrots. Nault’s debut novel has been a notable summer read pick and she has a company that encourages women to follow their improbable dreams. The menu and conversation will be personalized to your tastes and will include unlimited mimosas. Please make your arrangement by October 14th. Includes three books.
Market Value: $600

17. East Meets West Hoe Down
Saddle up with western authors for an East Meets West Hoe Down at the downtown Pagoda building on June 25, 2014. This is a different kind of author experience reflecting how the west and east cultures have come together in California. You will dosey doe with six award-winning authors including Will Bagley, Chris Enss, Sherry Monahan, Cheewa James, Johnny Boggs, and Nancy Plain. Appetizers will be provided by food powerhouses Mulvaney’s B & L and Fats Family of Restaurants. The new UC Davis Confucius Center will join in to demonstrate how to make and serve up Chinese dumplings.
Entrance is $50 per head

Please note: Items can be retrieved until March 9, 2015 unless otherwise noted.
Restaurant packages do not include tax, tip or alcohol unless otherwise noted.

Call 916-264-2990 to arrange absentee bids