Year End Appeal

Dear Library Foundation Supporter,

As a grandfather and father, I worked diligently to make sure my children experienced the joy of reading and the freedoms afforded to those who can read.   As the President of this Foundation, I am now focusing my diligence on creating a community that actively supports literacy for ALL of our children. And I am asking you to help me give our children the joy of reading and consequently the opportunities afforded to them by including the Sacramento Public Library Foundation in your end-of-year giving plan.

The Foundation is applying this same diligence to bringing awareness and resources to the literacy crisis affecting our children. We continue to focus on supporting the Library’s Summer Reading Program, which this year reached over 28,000 children. We continue to partner with local literacy organizations and advocates through the annual Walk4Literacy. Together we are making successful strides toward all our children reading at grade-level. Since 2014, the number of children at grade-level reading in Sacramento has increased from 33% to 38%.  These results were not ‘attained by chance,’ they were achieved by intentional efforts throughout Sacramento.

We know that when a child falls behind in reading, academic achievements are much harder to attain and frustration marks their education. I know this as a father who helped his children conquer reading challenges. Your gifts to the Sacramento Public Library Foundation are investments in a society that values equality in education as a basic tenant of happiness. By investing in making sure all children can read, the opportunities for a greater society are within our reach. Together we can help our children.

Please join me to help all of our children, yours, mine and theirs. We thank you in advance for your contributions to our community and our Foundation.


H. Vince Jacobs
Board President

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